1st Grade Math Homework

1st Grade Math Homework-28
Add 10 and subtract 10 from any two-digit number up to 100.Use concrete models or drawings to show the place values and explain the thinking involved.By the end of this year they should have the ability to skip count past 100, read and write numbers to 100 (or preferably to 1,000), and represent a number of objects with a written numeral.

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- Students will practice identifying the first, second, third, and fourth items on these four worksheets.

Six Birds - Students must follow directions and understand the position of first, last, and second-fifth when they color the birds.

Mentally add 10 and subtract 10 from any two-digit number and explain the thinking used.

Add a one-digit number (1 through 9) to any two-digit number, and add any two-digit number to any other two-digit number, within 100.

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Printing Tip: If a worksheet page does not appear properly, reload or refresh the file.Play the games and watch the videos online, and download the worksheets to practice at another time.First grade is an extremely important year in the mathematical development of your child.Number Before, Number After - Students will fill in the missing number before and after to complete a sequence of three numbers.Elephant Dot-to-Dot - Students will - The four worksheets included in this set require the student to fill in the missing numbers while counting by 2's to 100.Greater Than, Less Than, or Equal To Worksheets 1-4 - Four pages of practice Worksheet 2 - Students will identify the larger or smaller numbers within 20.Ice Cream Numbers Worksheets A-B - Two worksheets provide practice comparing numbers within 20.Understand addition as “putting together” and “adding to.” Understand subtraction as “taking apart” and “taking away from.” Understand comparing situations.Solve all of these situations with any of the three quantities as the unknown number.Comparing Numbers to 50 Worksheet 12 - Comparing numbers to 50 drill sheet.Comparing Numbers to 50 Worksheet 11 - This worksheet shows students how to compare numbers and provides practice comparing numbers and addition problems.


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