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The final step in the process is very important, but many students skip it, feeling like they have an answer so they can move on now.

We could write an equation to show what is unknown and how to find the solution: (1 dozen 3 dozen) - 5 = number eaten The third step in the process is the next logical step: Carry Out the Plan.Well, to check our work with a problem like this, we could set up a different diagram.If we put the people in a straight line and then count them saying hello to each other one at a time, we will again see that the final tally is 90 hellos. Remembering that they do not have to say hello to themselves may help you see why the answer can't be 100.That unexpected behavior is just part of this profession.But what sets you apart and defines you is your ability to problem solve.If I draw the diagram as a circle with 10 points (representing each of the 10 people), I can visualize each saying hello.Step 3 - Carry out the plan Drawing the diagram of one person saying hello, we see that each person will have to say hello 9 times, thus there will be 10 people each saying hello 9 times. Finally, Step 4 - Check your work90 hellos might not make sense if there are 10 people; you might think the answer should have been 100.You can test out of the first two years of college and save thousands off your degree.Anyone can earn credit-by-exam regardless of age or education level.When you carry out the plan, you should keep a record of your steps as you implement your strategy from step 2.Our plan involved the sub-goal of finding out how many cupcakes were made total.


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