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Policies must change to include unrestricted paid sick leave and the screening of sick employees to protect patients, concluded authors Drs. Restaurants Those headlines about salmonella from the hamburgers or salsa from a restaurant chain can be pretty scary.

Policies must change to include unrestricted paid sick leave and the screening of sick employees to protect patients, concluded authors Drs. Restaurants Those headlines about salmonella from the hamburgers or salsa from a restaurant chain can be pretty scary.

A rep of the northeastern region of United Food and Commercial Workers International Union told Wallet Pop by telephone that his fellow union reps are hearing more stories of members going into work sick because they don't want to come up short on their paychecks.

Hotels Bedbugs may be infesting the media, but germs are what you need to keep an eye on when booking a room.

Another tip: Teach yourself not to touch your eyes, nose and mouth too often during cold and flu season, since these are the main ways germs can creep in.

With flu season in full swing, don't overlook getting a flu shot.

Shopping cart handles are also magnets for germs, said Genovese.

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"Think about the hundreds of men, women and children touching those handrails." Thanks to the recession, workers are also likely to show up under the weather."Diners may not wash their hands before handling food, or they may be harboring germs that can be transmitted from an errant sneeze or cough onto a chafing dish," Lauren Gelman, senior health editor at Prevention magazine and a contributor to , told Wallet Pop via e-mail.If you don't catch it from other diners, you could catch it from the staff.When going out this cold and flu season, keep an eye on these five popular spots where germs like to hitch a ride: Hospitals You go to the hospital to get better.But too often these days, people are catching illnesses from other patients and staff."Hotel rooms may get daily housecleaning service, but that doesn't mean every surface -- like remote controls or light switches -- is regularly cleaned, and research has shown that these can harbor past guests' cold germs," warned Gelman. According to a CDC report released last May, of more than 121,000 public pools inspected in 2008, one in eight were shut down due to dirty water and other violations.That's not exactly surprising when one in five adults admitted that they have peed in a public pool, according to a survey of 1,000 Americans last year by the Water Quality and Health Council.Hospital-acquired illnesses, also known as nosocomial infections, are especially deadly.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that each year 2 million patients contract a hospital-associated illness; about 90,000 die from those infections.It doesn't help that hospital staff, including physicians, go to work when they're sick.According to a report in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, 80% of physicians keep working even while sick.


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