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All Basic Economy passengers will receive Group 9 boarding, which is the very last group to board the aircraft.There is a high likelihood that overhead bin space will be full by this point, forcing you to gate check any bags to your final destination (at no cost other than your time picking it up when you arrive).Outside of elite status or holding a designated AAdvantage credit card, there is no way to avoid this.

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On American, Basic Economy books into the “B” fare class, so it’s pretty easy to remember.

But B fares are not offered on every single itinerary, so Basic Economy might not be available on your specific flight.

Of course, with a cheaper fare comes more restrictions, so it’s really important to understand the differentiations between a Basic Economy ticket and a regular economy ticket.

First, with American Airlines Basic Economy, carry-on bags ARE allowed on the plane: 1 in the overhead bin and 1 under the seat in front of you. As long as you carry on what would be considered a normal bag that fits in the sizer, you should be fine.

Some routes never do, and some routes have limited B fare tickets.

In some cases, you can find Basic Economy fares at the last minute, even on the same day of departure.When booking on or with any online travel agency (like Orbitz or Kayak), passengers will see a notice that informs them of any restrictions on the ticket prior to payment.This warning is important and has been subject to debate — it’s clearly cautioning travelers from booking a Basic fare, and enticing them to book a regular economy ticket that will come with more perks and benefits.American followed suit after Delta and United, who had already introduced their own Basic Economy products.Because American was in the midst of a merger, it wasn’t practical to introduce the Basic product any sooner than they did.That said, as you’ll read on below, your chances of available room on the plane decrease dramatically since you’ll be boarding with Group 9 on a Basic Economy ticket — so while you do have the ability to take bags onboard, space availability may dictate otherwise.Second, no flight change requests or refunds will be allowed.But such a high fare discrepancy would make it difficult for many travelers.We’ll leave this strange pricing decision up to the airlines!)Bottom Line: Basic Economy books into the “B” fare class when you look for flights on AA.com, but it might not always be available.If you find a Basic Economy ticket, make sure you understand the restrictions and difference in cost between regular economy.


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