Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pocket Money Essay

Most of people living in small towns and villages do not receive sufficient education to undertake intellectual jobs.What is also disadvantageous is based in regional areas, companies risk distancing themselves further from their customers, their suppliers and other partners in their business transactions, which can weaken their profitability.

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Parent Circle have some great advice on Regular allowances aid kids in learning a key lesson on self-restraint that will help them in later life.

Getting money of their own teaches them that if they spend it on one thing, they might not have enough to afford something else!

This essay will elaborate on both positive and negative effects of this trend.

On the positive side, firstly, this movement makes perfect environmental sense.

“Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

” is a common IELTS essay question in writing task 2 which many students struggle with.Alternatively, you can set them additional earners outside of their allowance (see our You may want to consider if the money given to your children as pocket money will be spent frivolously.This could be increasingly risky if the money is given regardless of behaviour.By giving them a regular allowance, it’s over to them to decide how money gets spent or saved.If parents put their foot down in that pocket money must cover all expenses, bar special events such as holidays or birthdays, kids can more carefully consider the value of money and how to handle the responsibility.On the negative side, doing business in the countryside also represents some notable drawbacks.To begin with, skilled workers are a rarity in rural areas.The power’s in their hands to make the decisions, and knowing they’ll have to wait until the next week or to save up in the long-term may make them think twice about their They have a regular flow of allowance and money to manage of their own, so won’t be pestering parents for money all the time – or at least in theory!If it can’t wait until a holiday or birthday, let them know that they’ll need to use their pocket money to pay for it and to save if they don’t have enough yet.If you’re still on the fence about what payment methods to accept, talk to a merchant service provider, talk to other business owners, but always do what feels right for you and your business.We all get a lot of bills; there’s the gas, electric, internet, phone… It may just seem like another expense in the long list of regular outgoings, but there’s a number of very good reasons behind why we’ve been giving a regular amount of money to children for the past two hundred years.


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