African American History Research Paper Topics

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Desc: This five-page undergraduate paper is a critical assessment and comparison of two related articles on slavery. By analyzing the main character, "The Invisible Man", we can surely see that Ellison portrays an unnecessarily polarized view of African American culture that makes him appear to support white racist beliefs about black institutions in nineteen fifties American society. Desc: This paper is written about a day in the life of a slave family. Desc: This paper will discuss the book "Our Nig" by Harriet E. A Historical and Racial Analysis of the Minstrel Shows of the Nineteenth Century Desc: This paper will anaylze some of the racial and deorgatory aspects of minstrel shows in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The article by David and Temin is a critique of the first, and points out the serious problems in the first. By processing the invisible man through a never ending series of debacles in his schooling and activist life, we can see Ellison's negative view of is own race vilifying racist attitudes in white supremacy. As for economic opportunities, a slave really had none-as he or she could be traded, loaned out, or sold at the whim of his or her master. Wilson and seek to understand the basic elements of the themes and ideas that created a sense of how free blacks lived in Pre-Civial War America. By observing the practice of whites dressing up as blacks for these shows, we can understand racism and cultural affects of these performances as they influenced the way that ignorance and stupidity were made a stereotype for African Americans. A Literary Analysis of Cry, the Beloved Country by Alan Paton Desc: This paper will reflect the nature of racism in South Africa through the novel Cry, the Beloved by Alan Paton.

Sethe killed her daughter to save her from persecution and slavery.

That memory haunted her for eighteen years in the form of guilt. A Poetical Analysis of a Noble Death in the Poem If We Must Die by Claude Mc Kay Desc: This paper will seek to understand a poetical analysis of a noble death in the poem "If We Must Die" by Claude Mc Kay.

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E184.5 - E185.98 - United States, Elements in the Population, Afro-Americans HT851 - HT1445 - Classes, Slavery HT1501 - HT1595 - Races, including race as a social group and race relations To discover the call number ranges for broader, narrower, or different subjects, consult the Library of Congress Classification Outline.

Besides, the former slaves never got over their dreadful, humiliating and dehumanizing past. By realizing the rhyme, line structure, and metaphor presentation in this poem, we can realize that Mc Kay sought to convey a just war for a noble death that he, and his fellow soldiers fought for in mayhem and destruction of the First World War. A Review of The Negro in Pennsylvania History Desc: This paper provides an exploration of slavery in the book "The Negro in Pennsylvania History".

Freedom was a myth and the pain could only be overcome by talking of it. This book is a hard-to-find pamphlet which identifies slavery as creating specific conditions which defined the status of slaves in Pennsylvania. Desc: This paper details my perception of the short story, "Say Yes." Love knows no color, but love isn't always easy.

Yet, to really understand the significance of affirmative action, one must look at America's past discrimination to see why, at this point in history, we must become more color conscious. Africa Remembered Desc: But there are other kinds of migrations as well, and one of the most powerful lessons of Philip D.

Curtin's Africa Remembered is that he shifts our entire understanding of the nature of migration.


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