All Life Is Problem Solving

Scientific testing corroborates our tentative theories it does not confirm them.Still at least in our universe, the world is roughly spherical even though many of our forefathers assumed that it was flat.این سومین نکته است.این کمابیش همان رویکردی است که می‌خواهم آن را رواج دهم.

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Truth should correspond with facts, but the degree of certainty of facts varies.

این اولین نکته است.بنابراین ما باید بسیار متواضع باشیم.

این دومین نکته است.دیگر اینکه نباید مدعی دانستن باشیم در حالی که چیزی نمی‌دانیم.

If we open any dictionary on the word "knowledge" we find all sorts of circularity and assumptions that knowledge is primarily empirically derived.

Popper's association of knowledge with expectation, or guessing, is a breakthrough in clarity.


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