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Each time it has been debated, the House has ruled in favor to drill, but the President has vetoed the proposal. The land concentrated on in the debate is the northern According to the United States Energy Information Administration (EIA), if America does not start producing oil at home the nation’s dependency on foreign oil will rise to rise to sixty-four percent by the year 2020 (Coon par 1).

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ANWR: Drilling Mandatory or Unnecessary Shannon Bowerman Hour 7 Laughlin -- February 12, 2008 English Research Paper Shannon Bowerman Hour 7 February 12, 2008 English Research Paper – Introduction Since 1987, the issue of whether or not drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) should be allowed has been one of the concerns of political figures, as well as many Americans.

This issue has been fought before the Senate at least three times since 1995.

In the recent years, ANWR – Artic National Wildlife Refuge is a war field for politics and environmental concerns in the American government.

The people who are interested with the use of energy don’t consider where the resource will be obtained from whether; from the fragile environments or the protected regions.

The polar and grizzly bears that live in the refuge would have their costal dens in some cases either destroyed or abandoned.

Anwr Oil Drilling Essays

Also the bears would not know what to do around the new drilling camps and would interfere with the drilling; this means that the companies would have to shoot the bears to stop them from attacking the camps.

This then generally means that the war is between the Republicans and the Democrats in terms of politics.

The Democrats on one side are against the plans of opening up of the ANWR as was pictured by the refusal of former President Clinton while the Republics spear headed by President Bush are supporting the initiative. Alaska is the largest state with a small population in the U.

The introduction of the ANWR into the field of oil exploration will re-instate the oil that is produced by Alaska as a state.

A failure to open the ANWR field for oil exploration will negatively jeopardize the survival of various companies; BP and Arco Alaska both of whom have invested a lot in this area.


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