Art Of Problem Solving Prealgebra

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In addition to simply satisfying the metrics of each course, the teachers will focus on student discovery through individual explorations.

Students are encouraged to form learning groups that offer a natural context for practicing mathematical communication.

Also, would anyone be able to recommend a complementary full algebra 1 textbook to buy for my AOPS introduction to algebra book? [Disclosure/context: I teach online classes for Ao PS which use their books as the textbooks.

However, the opinions expressed here are my own and I am not speaking for Ao PS.] The Ao PS subject books (Prealgebra, Introduction to Algebra, etc) are meant to be stand-alone textbooks which you can learn from without using another textbook.

The program is flexible in that it provides the challenge and interest necessary for those who want a sound mathematical background on which to base further study while satisfying the needs of students for whom mathematics is not their primary orientation.

To this end, TVT Mathematics offers different tracks of courses to its students.It was actually their Prealgebra book that got me hooked on their approach, and it sure seems the more of their books I work through the more I love what they do.Though the approach is great, the icing on the cake is the collection of problems.A weaker student may prefer a more traditional textbook, to use either instead of or in conjunction with an Ao PS book.Ao PS books also tend to be less useful as definitive references than traditional textbooks: you will find fewer well-organized statements of important facts and identities and theorems in them (though I think this is more relevant to the more advanced books than it is to Prealgebra). Spend a good chunk of time trying all the problems at the beginning of each section, before you move on to read their solutions.I would like to ask, how does one use the AOPS books, are they meant to be supplementary to a full textbook?Or are they used for introducing new concepts that you would have leant in a textbook etc.That said, they are intended for dedicated students who will work hard and learn relatively quickly.They do not have many routine practice problems, and instead have mainly more challenging problems which force students to think hard and explore the concepts more deeply.Ao PS track students are passionately committed to the study of Mathematics for its own sake and are intrigued by (and want to explore) critical problems in Mathematics.The following chart shows the anticipated sequencing of mathematics at the middle school level (grade nine is also included in the table to show how each sequence transitions to upper school mathematics).


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