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3 years of experience in staffing and business development.

Graduate of Arizona State University with a Bachelors of Science in Political Science.

I just completed my Math Minor (credits-wise) last Spring, and have a solid...

See more Looking for someone to help you write that essay that counts for half of your grade? See more Are you(or your student) taking an American Sign Language course and find yourself struggling with many of the ASL topics? Are you looking for individualized tutoring lessons and professional help while learning sign language?

Based on responses from 245 Signature students who use BSLHomework, we received the following feedback: BSLHomework1extra and BSLHomework2extra are comprehensive DVD's of BSL stories to help students practice their receptive skills and prepare you their Level 1 and Level 2 assessments.

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BSLHomework1extra and BSLHomework2extra were developed by BSL teachers and experts with Signature BSL students in mind.For those of us who were not proactive enough to take a language in high school that was able to transfer over for credits, a sign language course might be something to look into.That does not mean that this course will be easy but nonetheless, it is a skill worth learning especially for anyone looking into careers such as nursing or even something like teaching.Knowledgeable in ASL, Public Speaking, Career Development, Resume Writing, and Policy Implem... My name is Josh Siegel and I am a Junior in Computer Science at Purdue University.I started tutoring in math in high school, and have been doing so ever since.This part of the Signature Learning Hub designed specifically for learners, you will find resources aimed at developing your BSL skills.BSLHomework is an online library of video clips and support materials to help you understand the assessments, develop your vocabulary and linguistics skills, and practice your receptive BSL skills from wherever you are.A sign language tutor can also help you get instant feedback from a sign language professional while improving your expressive and receptive skills.Finding a sign language tutor who not only understands how to use ASL but actually knows how to teach is rare.Regardless of the reason if you find yourself struggling or just want to get a better understanding, one of our high school sign language tutors can assist you.In college we often find ourselves having to take some sort of language in order to graduate no matter what our major is while enrolled.


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