Assignment On Business Communication

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It helps to find out that how the culture affects the communication.

It helps to describe a wide range of the communication process in an organization that is made of individuals from various cultures, ethnic, religious, education and social background. According to Mindess (2014), the perspective of people of different countries needs to understand.

The sender should present his words properly and maintain a suitable body language.

Another reason to choose the topic is the positivist paradigm.

I found that there are several concepts of the intercultural communication. However, the intercultural communication is related with the social science that helps to develop the communication skills.

Moreover, the relativism, positivism and constructivism are related to the intercultural communication.I identified right personal characteristics that is necessary for the intercultural competent.I found that to avoid the obstacles and achieve the positivist paradigm, the implementation of communication strategies are necessary it helps to entail the learning recipes and correct the behaviour of the employees to understand the cultures of others.The intercultural communication has various theories that help to improve the present and future professional career.Some of the theories are cultural convergence, communication accommodation theory and intercultural adoption.I found that to continue a business the persons should communicate properly.The important points that needs to be consider are the development of the cultural sensitivity, careful encoding, selective transmission, follow up actions, use of proper expression, gesture and avoid the idioms and regional words and phrases (Ruben 2016).In such case, the non-verbal communication helps the communicator both.Body language also plays significant role in the effective intercultural communication.One of the problems in the intercultural is the message transmission.The person receiving the message needs to interpret the message based on beliefs, values and expectation of the sender.


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