Assignment On Communication

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As a field, organizational communication is the process of analysis, evaluation and the role of communication within the organizational context. Project Management Project Management Introduction A business presentation can be defined as the presenter delivering information with the help of visuals, usually power point presentation.

Business presentations are considered to be the major source of effective communication inside and outside an organization.

The assignment further throws light on the different communication systems used in an organization and the influence of various factors on the system.

It focuses on the impact of legislation and code of practice on communication process in HSC.

A good communication involves a process of active listening and checking the understanding.

In context to HSC, a good communication is really required between the customer and the staff.

This results in the development of a common approach that everyone can follow.

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Finally, it explains the use of information and communication technology to support work in HSC and its benefits for the users of the service, care workers and organization.

If the people with health and social care will not have good communication skills, the effectiveness of the work will be reduced and there will be many things that can go wrong.


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