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Since the value of 5 falls within the middle of this range, you are concluding that the mean value of self-esteem is moderate.

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To put this another way, you are noting how many males versus females wanted to read the book and how many of them were in a relationship, as shown in TABLE 3.

You can report these statistics in this way: Twenty (40%) male participants wanted to read the book and 35 (70%) female participants wanted to read the book.

You can also outline descriptive statistics for specific groups. Descriptive statistics for the determination to read the book, by gender: Now let’s focus on frequencies statistics, which you outline when you have categorical variables.

Let’s now return to our second research example and say that you want to report the degree to which males and females want to read a romantic novel, where this determination was assessed on a 1-10 (continuous) scale. We can see how to report frequencies statistics for different groups by referring to our second example about gender, determination to read a romantic novel, and participants’ relationship status.

Finally, you need to recall if you have used a so-called covariate or confounder variable.

This is a variable that could have influenced the relationship between your independent and dependent variable, and that you controlled in order to accurately estimate the relationship between your main variables. Suppose that your research was to assess whether height is associated with self-esteem.

An independent variable is one that you control to test its effects on the dependent variable.

A dependent variable is thus your outcome variable.

When asked why doing a dissertation can be such a headache, the typical student usually replies with one of two answers. To help you further, we've broken the information down into both quantitative and qualitative results, so you can focus on what applies to you most.

Either, they simply don't like writing enormous volumes of text, or – and you may relate here – they categorically enjoy analysing data. In order to write up your quantitative results correctly, you must first recall several basic things about your own research.


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