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A little over a year following the publication of "To Autumn", Keats died in Rome.

A little over a year following the publication of "To Autumn", Keats died in Rome.

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to be seen by the viewer in various guises performing labouring tasks essential to the provision of food for the coming year.

There is a lack of definitive action, all motion being gentle.

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I never stop exploring Italy, my native country, and Switzerland will always be the place I call home.Despite these distractions, on 19 September 1819 he found time to write "To Autumn".The poem marks the final moment of his career as a poet.As the poem progresses, Autumn is represented metaphorically as one who conspires, who ripens fruit, who harvests, who makes music.The first stanza of the poem represents Autumn as involved with the promotion of natural processes, growth and ultimate maturation, two forces in opposition in nature, but together creating the impression that the season will not end.In his free time he also read works as varied as Robert Burton's Anatomy of Melancholy, Thomas Chatterton's poetry, and Leigh Hunt's essays.Although Keats managed to write many poems in 1819, he was suffering from a multitude of financial troubles throughout the year, including concerns over his brother, George, who, after emigrating to America, was badly in need of money.Autumn is not depicted as actually harvesting but as seated, resting or watching.The progression through the day is revealed in actions that are all suggestive of the drowsiness of afternoon: the harvested grain is being winnowed, the harvester is asleep or returning home, the last drops issue from the cider press.The imagery is richly achieved through the personification of Autumn, and the description of its bounty, its sights and sounds.It has parallels in the work of English landscape artists, The work has been interpreted as a meditation on death; as an allegory of artistic creation; as Keats's response to the Peterloo Massacre, which took place in the same year; and as an expression of nationalist sentiment.


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