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The farting nay-vote was probably an accident, but it passed into folklore, inspiring many poems including . In 1781, while Benjamin Franklin lived abroad as U. Ambassador to France, he wrote an essay called "Fart Proudly." Distributed to friends but never published, it includes the lines: "A few Stems of Asparagus eaten, shall give our Urine a disagreable Odour; and a Pill of Turpentine no bigger than a Pea, shall bestow on it the pleasing Smell of Violets. ) As a child, Joseph Pujol (1857-1945) discovered himself in possession of a superpower that would save no one.And why should it be thought more impossible in Nature, to find Means of making a Perfume of our Wind than of our Water? He could inhale air through his rectum and expel it, much as some people do with belches only much, much grosser.

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One of the best reasons to celebrate Independence Day is that it reminds us to ask anew what it means to be truly free.

This question is especially important for Westerners, since our region has so often been viewed as the nation’s symbolic repository of liberty.

“Strychnine and Atropene tends to make you very edgy and affects your sleep and emotional health,” says Dawson.

How large a part his fart treatments played in World War II and the Holocaust, we'll never know.

News of this brutality swayed Egyptians against their king, who was eventually torn apart by a mob, and insured the official reign of Amasis from 569 to 525 B. "As far as a direct result of a fart, you can't get bigger than this." In Francois Rabelais' , published in 1532 and widely considered the first fantasy novel, a giant rips one so powerful, it creates actual little people: "But with the fart he blew the earth trembled for twenty-seven miles round, and with the fetid air of it he engendered more than fifty-three thousand little men, misshapen dwarfs." Fans of the book note that it synchronizes perfectly to Pink Floyd’s .

In 1607, British Member of Parliament Henry Ludlow farted during a debate about naturalizing the Scots.

He who smelt it, they say, has most certainly dealt it.

"Farting is one of those unmentionables because it reminds people of our animal origins," says flatulence expert Jim Dawson, author of the books "It still has a certain shock value to it." You could fill a textbook with What You Don’t Know about Your Farts.

But when the effects of his pills became known—only six months before the mentally eroded Furor killed himself in his bunker—Morell was fired and barely escaped with his life.

Ironically, Hitler’s flatulence, according to biographer John Toland, was caused by the most widely known benevolent thing about him: his vegetarianism.


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