Benefits Of Doing A Senior Thesis

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Please explore the resources available in the Senior Honors Thesis Handbook to you to ensure your success.

Because of other circumstances I can graduate "with Honors" with or without it, so it would purely be adding to my major, not so much my overall graduation status.

Either way I will have some volunteer experience in labs in my field, and a decent GPA, etc.

Talk with your adviser about opportunities to pursue these types of projects within your major requirements.

Take a look at Five Essential Skills for Every Undergraduate Researcher To make your research experience the most valuable, it should arise from a passion for a particular topic and approach to knowledge.

There are, of course, individual factors that will heavily influence this answer, but in general, as someone who both did this, and now as someone admitting students, I'd say the answer is yes.

My thoughts on the subject: An honors thesis will probably not make much of a difference for your admissions case unless it is completed in time to show up on your transcript.The Honors College is here to support you throughout this process.The more you communicate with faculty and staff to better understand the process, the more you will find that it enhances your education.A recent survey of employers demonstrates that skills and aptitudes gained through research are highly valued in the workplace.Employers in the survey specifically endorse curriculum that has students “conduct research and use evidence-based analysis.” Independent research fosters innovation and critical thinking (favored by over 90% of employers).For some students, this takes the form of a , a formal academic article based on disciplinary conventions.You can use your research to create a capstone that can take many forms – a website, a community service project, an exhibition, etc.Would an undergraduate thesis in my field greatly help my graduate program applications?Does it matter if the thesis is based on original research or literature review? It's not so much the finished product, the thesis, but the process of getting there and putting the work in.If you're doing it only in your last semester, then it wouldn't show up if you apply in the fall semester of your senior year.Independent research with the goal of creating a publically accessible product is beneficial for all undergraduates, regardless of discipline or future career plans.


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