Biofuel Research Paper

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This sample environmental science research paper explores the importance and significance of biodiesel production methods that will enhance ecological security.

Alternative fuels and renewable sources of energy are the future of the energy market, and this paper goes into serious depth regarding the ways in which ecological security can be obtained.

On the other hand, biodiesel does have some low temperature performance issues, having to do with the formation of wax crystals, resulting in clogging, and this is generally worse for yellow grease biodiesel than soybean biodiesel. Traditionally, in colder climates, this could pose performance challenges.

However, there are additives and strategies (such as heaters, parking vehicles inside in Winter, using engine block or fuel filter heaters) that can be utilized to reduce the effects of cold weather. There are also limitations on some of the sources of biodiesel feedstocks, as for instance with yellow grease, which in the United States is insufficient to meet transport fuel requirements. On the other hand, China produces enough yellow grease annually (44 billion gallons, over twenty times as much as the United States) to satisfy a larger portion of its lower biodiesel requirements. Another downside, as described in Liu, et al, and Table 3 therein, is that for plant oils, enormous tracts are land would be needed, monopolizing too much of a country’s arable land for non-food production, and resulting in cutting down far too many trees. currently limit the number of trees removed and require equal number replanted in another location.

Opponents also worry if the growth of plants is fast enough to accommodate fuel needs. Energy Information Administration, the lubricating properties of biodiesel (lubricity) are more reliable than petroleum-based diesel. Biodiesel is also a cleaner burning fuel than petroleum-based diesel, reducing tailpipe emissions.

Another category of potential feedstocks for biodiesel is microalgae. 135)Although particular biodiesel produced from a variety of sources may have different properties and pros and cons, the following are some of the general advantages and disadvantages of biodiesel fuels. (“Biodiesel Benefits”; “Biodiesel and the Environment”). When blended with petroleum, up to a 20% blend (B20), biodiesel is energy balanced, having approximately 3.2 times the energy expended to produce it. Biodiesel may also be carbon neutral as some sources such as soybeans or palm oil absorb CO2 while growing, although, as discussed in more detail below, this issue is complicated by the competing negative effects of clear-cutting swaths of land to make room for these crops.

The growth of the biofuels industry is also likely to place pressure on the environment and biodiversity... To grow the economy of a developing country by exporting billions of barrels of biodiesel? Moreover, using waste oil also reduces the cost of the biodiesel as waste oil is generally cheaper than edible oils, and after transesterification, yellow grease actually had a higher cetane rating than diesel, indicating more efficient ignition. also reported that viscosity of the waste oil biodiesel was similar to regular diesel, which means no modifications of equipment are necessary. Energy Information Administration, “Biodiesel and the Environment” 2012.

[I]n tropical regions, where suitable and available land is mostly concentrated ... There are no easy answers, but part of the solution may lie in using waste oil and microalgae, two more sustainable methods that do not involve some of these choices. identified waste oil as one of two sustainable methods for producing biodiesel. point out, in fact using waste oil to produce biodiesel would serve the interests of removing the waste oil from the environment, something that is often mandated by law, because when discarded in sewer systems, waste oil can create environmental problems. (111)As for issues regarding diminished performance under cold conditions, Patil, et al. ( analysispaper/biodiesel/) Page last modified June 8, 2004 PDT.

But it seems that no matter in which direction a step is taken, there is peril and some objections from some interested group.

Since biodiesel can be made from, among other things, food crops, there are those who believe producing them does not meet ecological, environmental, and human needs.


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