Book Thief Essay

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(Zusak 30) From this we gather not only that Liesel continued a illustrious career of stealing, but also that her life entailed a ‘hidden Jew.

’ A third occurrence of foreshadowing in this novel is a discrete example of this device.

Max was carrying the book when he got to the house of the Hubermanns, and when Liesel asked if it was any good, he said, “It saved my life.

” (Zusak 217) The irony here is in the fact that Max is a Jew who is saying that a Nazi book saved his life.

In using death as a narrator, the author created a highly versatile telling of the story, as the the tale can be told in several places at several times.

For example, when an enemy air raider crashed near Himmel Street, death was there to answer. Before anyone could intervene, “[Death] was reaching into the cockpit.

In The Book Thief, the author explores the literary devices of foreshadow, irony, and point of view to make a more versatile novel.

An integral portion of the story relies on the literary device, point of view, which in this particular story, is rather unique.

When death comes back into Liesel’s life to take her this time, he brings her a gift.

Death went back through the ruined Himmel Street to find the Liesel’s book from the rubble, and he gave her the dusty black book from his pocket,” (Zusak 549) Liesel’s book, The Book Thief.


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