Born Confused By Tanuja Desai Hidier Essay

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Dimple is not your typical heroine; she is slightly overweight and battling low self-esteem stemming from her perfect best friend Gwyn.

The plot thickens as Dimple's parents pick a “suitable boy” for her.

Continue reading Hidier seems drawn to places of blurred boundaries—whether between cultures or creative disciplines like writing and music.

But this, she believes, is, in fact, where we all live.

Reading this I felt I was learning about myself and how bad things can be fixed.

The novel also has a steady influence of Indian culture which I, who am not Indian, found extremely interesting.If you can learn all this from a novel, then the author is clearly very talented.I definitely recommend this book to anyone, but mostly girls because it hits close to home.Right on cue, Gwyn swoops in and tries to win Karsh, making Dimple feel used and friendless.What makes this story so profoundly meaningful is that throughout, Dimple learns more about herself and how special she is.You will always have your culture embedded within you as it is your “birthright”.As Dimple embraces her Indian heritage she finds that she “felt like she finally fits into my clothes”.Belonging together represents having a common relation to a group of people or a community – and for Dimple, the common relation too many others, is her cultural heritage.Metaphorically speaking, Dimples’ body represents her Indian ethnicity. It tells you where you are from”, her mother tells her.Some form of transition will always take place for an individual to feel a sense of belonging, whether to a group, to a community or to a society.There is a battle where the thoughts of the individual are torn apart, to allow them to reach a level of understanding and acceptance in order to achieve a sense of belonging together.


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