Brand Management Case Study

Brand Management Case Study-4
Recontextualization techniques were employed to identify key dimensions of brand management operations for sample company and further explicated indicators, sub-variables, and measurements.Macro and micro dimensions were combined for the final framework. Download as . Findings revealed a LBM framework with specific dimensions at the micro or company level that are combined with variables and indicators in the macro-business environment.

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Consequently, relevance – and the fostering of relevance through thoughtful positioning – rightly claims the full attention of managers entrusted to make luxury brands successful.

However, to generate relevance for a luxury brand is not a simple task.

The campaign failed to identify and speak to any part of my jewellery-searching mindset.

Instead, it took the traditional route for luxury: it cast aside any considerations on potential customers’ dilemmas to rather focus on the brand’s own grandeur.

Cartier was not embracing a consumer perspective, it was celebrating itself.

Of course, in the luxury market, that’s not against good manners – luxury can be a place for those who dwell in self-absorption occasionally.

Yet, it left me completely clueless on what that beautifully outlined history lesson was supposed to achieve.

I was in the market for jewellery, actively searching, already set on the brand and that brand’s incredibly expensive ad campaign almost threw me from my decision to buy.

Potential to be employed in strategic brand management decisions of luxury companies, regardless of their corporate structure, size, or age.

Where rational thought is not your primary concern in purchasing behaviour, emotional relevance becomes the key driver for consumer decisions.


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