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These forms of media offer individuals a portal for entertainment, communication and general social development.It is however, important that parents monitor what is happening on sites such as Facebook, My Space, Twitter and other virtual worlds that provide avenues of entertainment and social contact via the Internet.

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Social Networking has taken bullying to the extreme. Growing up, I experienced the typical name calling and spiteful comments. “Cyber bullying is defined as using the computer or other electronic devices to intimidate, threaten or humiliate another individual,” Admin October 13th, 2008.

Before advanced technology, children and teenagers were troubled by school bullies. As the Hartman 2 internet continues growing more popular with the youth, so do potential This makes the bully feel more powerful.

There are many causes for bullying which must be taken care of before bullying can be stopped. Bullying must be stopped or prevented no matter how long it will take, it is a deeply concerning matter. Kids must take their own initiative, as well, they must find out what's wrong and what's right for themselves sometimes. However, when a real incident occurs, they are unprepared, shocked, regretful, or dead.

Bullying does not always have to be childish play, it can be extremely violent. Bullying must stop, for it is destroying the lives and futures of many innocents, perhaps not killing them, but ruining them.

The availability of information has been enhanced due to updates in technology and because of this a sweeping progression of how people see each other and the world has taken on a direction of its own ("Cyberculture: Society, Culture, and the Internet," 2012).

The Internet has become an entryway into how people understand events ranging from diseases such as diabetes to issues such as social media bullying.

Web-based information is what people now turn to for speed, convenience, and overall depth.

The internet has a pivotal impact on society today and is a rich subject for sociology writing.

Social media has become a well-known pastime of young individuals today.

Websites that allow interactions on a social basis are usually considered social media sites.


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