Business Plan For Telecommunication Company

Consider two common SOHO businesses: a plumber and a small law firm.The plumber is on the go, spending most of the time in the field, so the most pressing needs will likely be a high mobile usage allowance and the ability to replace a damaged or lost smartphone quickly.Pivoting to embrace this new opportunity will not be easy.

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The M2M business is a strong growth candidate and close to their mobile core business, so they can leverage their existing positions across countries.

The operator saw further upside in moving up the M2M value chain and attracting more international customers by leveraging global alliances.

For a small law firm, business continuity, data recovery and security may be more important.

Defining the right go-to-market and service model for each segment is also critical.

The following elements should be considered when the IS department is supporting the enterprise on creating the strategic plan: It is very important to communicate the technological development phase to the customers and let them know that their service will be improved after the change takes place.

Good planning and constant positive communication will avoid confusion and inconvenience to the customer during the development phase.

Therefore, they have not allocated sufficient resources—or they have assigned responsibility at too low a level in the organization.

When they do pursue business markets, they often diffuse their efforts with too many projects in too many IT adjacencies, failing to recognize the strong opportunity in the traditional core connectivity business across small office and home office (SOHO), medium enterprise (ME) and corporate customers.

Understand customers better and tailor products and services to their needs Successful telcos develop more detailed pictures of customers’ needs, and then use those insights to segment customers more effectively (see Figure 2).

For SOHO, they might consider two dimensions: whether telco services are used in the office or on the go, and the number of connections required (one or for a team).


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