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I used latitude and longitude values to get the visual as below: I utilized the Foursquare API to explore the boroughs and segment them.

I designed the limit as 100 venue and the radius 1400 meter for each borough from their given latitude and longitude information.

They are designed to give students experience in practical applications of their coursework as final preparation for entering the workforce.

There are a variety of formats for the capstone course.

Almost all low price neighborhoods are close to restaurants, pubs, sports facilities etc.

Some Boroughs such as Westminster, and Kensington and Chelsea have very high house prices.Then ‘Avg Price’ columns contains string so I processed it to make integer by removing pound sign and comma.After cleaning two tables I performed inner join and merge two table and from resulting table I dropped ‘Dial Code’ and ’OS grid ref’ columns as they were of no use.First, I will run K-Means to cluster the boroughs into 6 clusters because when I analyze the K-Means with elbow method it ensured me the 6 degree for optimum k of the K-Means.I came to the result that the house prices in the downtown and with Hotels and Social venues nearby are very high you can clearly visualize in the map above while in the suburbs and the neighborhoods away from the city center have low prices but the facilities are also good.The code for this project can be found in my github repository. Since this is my first article on medium and also my first full length project, there might be few mistakes and errors.Please feel free to comment any errors or mistakes that I might have made so that I can correct myself and learn.Capstone courses may seem a nuisance to some college seniors, or just one more project to complete.However, the reality is that capstone courses are designed to help students transition from college to the workforce.Often they are built around the competencies professional organizations have identified they need in individuals who pursue those careers.While these professional competencies vary amongst profession, there is a core set of skills to all of them.


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