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Its overall premise might come as something of a surprise to those standing at the dawn of a technological era in which discovery and innovation are the key drivers.The 76-year-old British-American scientist asserts that “all the major problems in chemistry have been solved.The relevance of chemistry today for Bulkin is that we would simply not have arrived at the point in technology we find ourselves at today without it. We had to develop the fundamental understanding of how electricity manifested itself in materials before we could have the breakthroughs in semiconductors, which led to modern electronics, which was a triumph of chemistry and solid-state physics.” On the manufacturing side, Bulkin says that to make circuits practically small there needed to be a “triumph in the chemistry of polymers and their interaction with light”.

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All these problems, and many more, were solved during the 20th century, particularly during the period of 1950-2000.

As a result, we have something unanticipated: a major scientific discipline that is more or less complete.” The reason we have been able to ‘solve chemistry’ is in part to do with Bulkin’s instinct that “to some extent chemistry is easier” than physics, biology or mathematics.

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In the 20th century we discovered virtually everything remaining to be known about chemistry.

All the major problems have been solved and there are no more great discoveries to be made.

So says Bernie Bulkin in his book, ‘Solving Chemistry’.


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