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Chiarelli Essay-12
This is a picture of some of the girls from my program trying the gelato, which was fantastic by the way.

The cost came out to be €8,00 and it didn’t even taste that good, it just looked good. We learned how to make some Italian dishes and desserts that included pici, ravioli, and gelato, just to name a few.The most important thing about this place is that it is home to world famous gelato. I decided to make pici because I tried it in a restaurant and it was superb.I would describe pici as something similar to spaghetti, but the main difference is that pici noodles are thicker than spaghetti noodles.The meat was juicy and perfectly tender while the cheese was goosy and sensational.My Italian housemate and I absolutely loved this dish, and we planned to come back for more.We also had a wine tasting, but I did not participate in that because I do not drink.However, I still had a great time taking pictures and experiencing this beautiful Tuscan winery. About two weeks ago, we had a field trip to San Gimignano for my Sienese Art & Architecture class.San Gimignano is located between Florence and Siena; it’s about a 45 minute drive north of Siena. The dough is typically made with only flour and water. The new quarter will establish relationships between stakeholders at different scales and spanning across sectors (from education to manufacturing, from the governmental to research).The spaces provided, and the programmed activities, translate into the breakdown of traditional siloes within, and outside, manufacturing, stimulating the serendipitous discovery of innovative products and services.


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