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The thesis concludes with a discussion of the possible effects of increased regulation on these schools.Dissertations are, by definition, a formal treatise of a particular subject based on original research. study—something that adds knowledge to a specific topic—you could become the world’s leading expert in that area.

The thesis concludes with a discussion of the possible effects of increased regulation on these schools.

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It starts with a different purpose and ends with different results than conventional education.

This document summarizes the essential elements of CCE.

It cultivates the students’ habits of thought and action in order to view the world with certain foundational truths and thereby align their desires with God’s ideal.

Classical Christian education’s objective, then, is to shape the virtues and reason so that they will be in line with God’s will.

Once we reach the boundary, we focus and we push at the boundary for a few years until one day the boundary gives way. focused on missiology, but I mainly focused on North America. candidate should strive to make original contributions to scholarship.

Basically the doctor of philosophy dissertation contributes to human knowledge in a way previously not done. I studied everything foreign missions practitioners do, but I did it in a North American context. The function of graduate work is to make specialists out of generalists. In high school, we learn a bit more and the circle in the middle enlarges. candidates simply rehearse and regurgitate knowledge available to everyone else. dissertation fails to add knowledge to humanity, it should not be Ph. I researched things that nobody else in the whole world had researched (maybe because no one wanted to! I did a statistical analysis on the efficacy of those church-planting systems in a specific denominational context over a multi-year period. I think a fascinating dissertation topic would be on alternative ecclesial communities. I wish I could answer each of those, but I encourage you to talk to your academic advisor at your institution.There is nothing wrong with being a generalist, but generalists are aggregators of knowledge. study refines the specialty of the specialist, revealing knowledge the generalist learns later. After a bachelor’s degree, one gains a specialty and the circle enlarges again along with an extended bulge. Such a process contributes nothing to human knowledge. I became the world’s expert on church-planting systems by expanding the world’s knowledge on this specific topic. In light of the decline and ultimate death of emergent churches as a viable force for mission advancement in North America, alternative ecclessial communities have taken that place in some of those now alternative contexts. I’m only able to give personal dissertation guidance to the schools where I am on faculty, including (primarily) Wheaton College Graduate School, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary It’s worth remembering that Ph. work on a specific denomination is not as helpful as research projects on like-minded people across denominations.Christian Education (ACE) is an individualised curriculum used in some private schools.It is known for its conservative Protestant stance and largely literal interpretation of the Bible, and for teaching every academic subject from a biblical perspective.Many participants described continued effects of indoctrination despite their rejection of ACE’s teachings.Inspection reports from ACE schools do not indicate awareness of these issues.I then examine ways in which ACE is likely to instill closed-mindedness in its students through the use of forced compliance, conformity pressures, and extrinsic rewards.While some participants found their ACE experience beneficial, the majority experienced inadequate education, sexism, homophobia, excessive punishment, and discrimination against those considered ‘ungodly’.Then, I did my dissertation on the strategy When I walked into my doctoral dissertation committee to defend my research, they said, “Ed, you know more about this than we do, so why don’t you just tell us.” That’s what a Ph. dissertation is supposed to be—you should be the expert on your dissertation subject. A person completing a dissertation should know more than anybody else in the world about that one topic. ), but they must be a world-class expert in that one subject.


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