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Cloud Writing Paper Essay Writing For Canadian Students 6th Edition

source: recent discussion has focused on the pros and cons of cloud computing.In early 2009, UCLA identified the need to establish its first enterprise-wide software as a service (Saa S) contract, for virtual classroom/meeting services.Since UCLA did not have a designated cloud computing contract expert at that time, responsibility for these efforts and negotiating the Saa S contract fell upon me in my role as director of UCLA Software Licensing.In this example, system unavailability would seem to be no more than .72 hours a month ((30*24)*.001).When looking at an uptime SLA like this, however, realize that the ability to use cloud computing services depends on Internet availability, which is not within the service provider's control.Most of these issues don't have simple right or wrong answers, but must be evaluated based on your institution's needs and tolerance for risk.Examples of actual contract clauses in this article suggest ways of contractually addressing these issues.Some institutions are attracted to cloud computing benefits such as rapid deployment, flexible scalability, and low initial start-up cost, while others are concerned about cloud computing risks such as those related to data location, level of service, and security infrastructure.For institutions that have done due diligence and determined that the benefits of cloud computing outweigh the risks, this article serves as a resource to help mitigate those risks through the contract terms with a cloud services provider."The Evolution of the CIO" notes that the need for CIOs to "negotiate, contract, and work with suppliers has grown significantly and will increase further as institutions move to above-campus sourcing." This is the case with cloud computing.To ensure that our needs and concerns relative to the unique challenges of adopting a cloud computing solution were addressed effectively, I conducted extensive research into best practices in this area.After completion of that contract, I've continued to seek examples of successfully negotiated cloud computing contract revisions to facilitate effective negotiations for subsequent cloud computing contracts at UCLA.


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