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Our homography-based video frame alignment method does not require the fiducial markers to be visible in every frame, thereby enabling us to capture larger areas at a closer distance and higher resolution than in previous work.Pixels in the resulting panorama are fit with a BRDF based on a recursive subdivision algorithm, utilizing all the light and view positions obtained from the video.

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This significant savings allows us to run the complex, film-quality rigs in real-time even when using a CPU-only implementation on a mobile device.

We describe a new technique for obtaining a spatially varying BRDF (sv BRDF) of a flat object using printed fiducial markers and a cell phone capable of continuous flash video.

Viewers’ attitude toward a depicted issue also positively influenced their credibility evaluation.

Character rigs are procedural systems that compute the shape of an animated character for a given pose.

This article details a 6-batch large-scale online experiment using Amazon Mechanical Turk that probes how people evaluate image credibility across online platforms.

In each batch, participants were randomly assigned to 1 of 28 news-source mockups featuring a forged image, and they evaluated the credibility of the images based on several features.Fake or manipulated images propagated through the Web and social media have the capacity to deceive, emotionally distress, and influence public opinions and actions.Yet few studies have examined how individuals evaluate the authenticity of images that accompany online stories.Real-time rigs are limited by a computational budget and often trade realism for performance.Rigs for film do not have this same limitation, and character riggers can make the rig as complicated as necessary to achieve realistic deformations.However, increasing the rig complexity slows rig evaluation, and the animators working with it can become less efficient and may experience frustration.In this paper, we present a method to reduce the time required to compute mesh deformations for film-quality rigs, allowing better interactivity during animation authoring and use in real-time games and applications.Moreover, our study revealed that in cases where context leads to suspicion, viewers apply post-hoc analysis to support their suspicions regarding the authenticity of the image.Flow simulations of fractured and faulted reservoirs require representation of subseismic structures about which subsurface data are limited.They can be highly complex and must account for bulges, wrinkles, and other aspects of a character's appearance.When comparing film-quality character rigs with those designed for real-time applications, there is typically a substantial and readily apparent difference in the quality of the mesh deformations.


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