Computer In Engineering Essay

The Intel 4004 chip that appeared later in 1971 managed to one-up the original chip Kilby had created by assembling all necessary components onto the small chip.

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Computer engineering can be generalized as the summation of the electronic sciences by integrating certain components varying from microprocessors all the way to supercomputers.

The development of the computer has shaped the way technology and science is viewed in different cultures around the world.

By 1964, the third generation of computer technology had arrived.

Texas Instruments engineer Jack Kilby was one of the firsts to create the integrated circuit, which basically integrated several parts necessary for a computer to function to be assimilated into one chip.

There are many types of engineering, but overall engineering is constructed to Willis Paragraph 1).

Every computer has program that operate the computer and these programs are writing by software engineers to make people life easy. However not everyone can become a software engineer.

Computer Science is the study of the principles and us of computers.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree prepares students for cutting-edge careers in software engineering, system administration and management, and organization can improve the world along with engineers” (Computer Sciences 1).

This organization can increase student potential in engineering by developing theories and applications as well as give the students an early experience to engineering.

Collaborative work is also required for engineers, so students should learn how to work in groups and communicate well with others.


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