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We call the products "chips" and we consider them exquisitely small, at least in comparison to axheads.Our microelectronic technology has managed to stuff machines as powerful as the room-sized computers of the early 1950s onto a few silicon chips in a pocket-sized computer.They also made patterns on cave walls in Francewith sprayed paint, using their hands as stencils.

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Yet our spacecraft are still crude, our computers are still stupid, and the molecules in our tissues still slide into disorder, first destroying health, then life itself.

For all our advances in arranging atoms, we still use primitive methods.

We now cook up pure ceramics and stronger steels, but we still shape them by pounding, chipping, and so forth.

We cook up pure silicon, saw it into slices, and make patterns on its surface using tiny stencils and sprays of light.

The new technology will handle individual atoms and molecules with control and precision; call it molecular technology.

It will change our world in more ways than we can imagine.


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