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“Constructionism (in the context of learning) is the idea that people learn effectively through making things.

“Constructionism (in the context of learning) is the idea that people learn effectively through making things.

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Only in this way will there be something rich enough in your mind to be worth talking about." (Papert, 1990) Important concepts are conscioulsy engaged and public entity.

Constructionism is not just learning-by-doing, but engaging reflexively and socially in the task.

In attempting to teach through this medium, all I can hope to do is to stimulate a curiosity in you to read further on these subjects, to write about them, to talk to people about them, and to apply them wherever possible in your own situations. Ackermann (20) links constructionism and creativity through flow theory.

The “idea of an optimal learning environment is one where the activity engaged in is perceived as meaningful, one's abilites are in balance with the challenge at hand, and one has the tools to express the emerging knowledge”.

In studying constructivism, it has become apparent for Dougiamas that one of the most important processes in developing his knowledge has been by explaining and exploring his ideas in conversation with fellow students.

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He noticed, on reflection, that a great deal of his own development was fostered by participating in ongoing dialogue and creating "texts" for others to answer back to, whether in conversation or as a class presentation.

It then adds that this happens especially felicitously in a context where the learner is consciously engaged in constructing a public entity, whether it's a sandcastle or a theory of the universe...

If one eschews pipeline models of transmitting knowledge in talking among ourselves as well as in theorizing about classrooms, then one must expect that I will not be able to tell you about my idea of constructionism. Instead, I must confine myself to engage you in experiences (including verbal ones) liable to encourage your own personal construction of something in some sense like it.

Each gains existence and form through the construction of the other.

[..] Because of his focus on learning through making (on could say learning as design) Papert's 'constructionism' sheds light on how people's ideas get formed and transformed when expressed through different media, when actualized in particular contexts, when worked out by individual minds.


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