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Conversely, in the novel Coraline braves the eerie circuses and not-quite-right displays entirely on her own.The independent young woman of the novel is, in the adaptation, sublimated into one half of a heterosexual couple.While the basic adventure plot remains in both book and film—Coraline rescuing her parents by challenging the beldam, exploring the frighteningly transformed “other” world to find the souls of the trapped children, and tricking her way through the door back to her own world—the thematic shape changes distinctly, altered by those aforementioned additions (of an entire character and new scenes), as well as serious alterations to other scenes.

Conversely, in the novel Coraline braves the eerie circuses and not-quite-right displays entirely on her own.

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Therefore we have shifted already from a young woman alone exploring to a girl and a boy together, in which the boy has taken a dominant position in the pair.

This trend of Wybie as a masculine figure, a source of authority, continues; the well, for instance, is introduced by Wybie. (Having knocked her over, he warns her that she’s standing on the planks covering the old well.) In addition, he later informs Coraline that his grandmother lost a sister in the house she now rents out and has warned him and all children away from it.

Having coming of age stories for girls that are about danger and bravery, trouble and problem-solving, .

Having a heroine like the Coraline of the novel matters, and having her taken apart and reshaped into a trope matters, too.

The book is about independence, identity, and development.

The significant thing is that it is really very much concerned with Henry Selick’s adaptation is firmly not.So, without further ado, let’s dig in to the argument I’m making about potentially-feminist, certainly-important content in the novel and the opposite of that in the film of the same name.First off, contrast the opening chapter of the novel and the first ten minutes of the film.In fact, in his film all of the interesting potentially-feminist freight of Gaiman’s novel disappears, edited away and replaced with a heterosexist couple-narrative.Selick drastically alters and lessens the narrative of female competency and independence contained in the original.Tellingly, her response to being told to avoid an old well is to “explore for it, so that she knew where it was, to keep away from it properly” (5).(And pay attention to that well, too; it comes up a few times.) However, in the film, Coraline simply wanders from her new house onto the grounds out of boredom rather than a desire to explore.Other Wybie is provided to Coraline as equal parts entertainment and companion for her at-first pleasant explorations in the magical, supernatural other-world.He offers her cotton candy at the mouse-circus, sits with her during the burlesque performance at Other Miss Spink & Other Miss Forcible’s, walks with her around the grounds.He delivers these warnings as a figure of authority on the house—he knows, Coraline doesn’t, and he tells her.His information, delivered to her from a protective position, entirely removes her potential to discover the danger on her own.


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