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Although Catherine seems very dissimilar to many of Austen’s heroines in that she is not especially clever, she shows good judgment at different points in the novel.By disliking John Thorpe, Catherine makes it known that she can think for herself and will not succumb to the social pressures to be with him.Austen’s Northanger Abbey is not outrightly depicted as a feminist novel, but by portraying Catherine in the way she does, Austen questions the literary ideal female type.

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A wealth of color images bring to life Bath society in Austen’s era—the parade of female fashions, the carriages running over open roads and through the city’s streets, circulating libraries, and nouveau-riche country estates—as well as the larger cultural milieu of Northanger Abbey.

This unique edition holds appeal not just for “Friends of Jane” but for all readers looking for a fuller engagement with Austen’s extraordinary first novel.

The narrator’s voice serves as the platform from which Austen can state her views.

Although the narrator seems to agree with other author’s views that women should hide their intelligence, the statements in the novel mean exactly the opposite of their words.

Also, Catherine believes marrying for money is a revolting practice.

Because this was so common in her time, this also shows that Catherine has the capabilities to form her own opinions and reject the aristocratic conventions she believes to be wrong.Jane Austen / Virginia Woolf -- A note on Jane Austen / C. Lewis -- A long talk about Jane Austen / Edmund Wilson -- On Sense and sensibility / Ian Watt -- Critical realism in Northanger Abbey / Alan D.Mc Killop -- Light and bright and sparkling : irony and fiction in Pride and prejudice / Reuben A.She directly addresses this when she states, “the advantages of natural folly in a beautiful girl have been already set forth by the capital pen of a sister author” (Austen 76).Austen discounts the advice that women of her time received from men such as Dr.Men, such as Henry Tilney, delighted in ignorance because it allowed them to showcase their knowledge and to teach the naïve woman.Austen’s views on women’s intellectual capacities in Northanger Abbey were only further emphasized by Mary Wollstonecraft’s “A Vindication of the Rights of Woman.” Because Mary Wollstonecraft’s text is not in novel form as Austen’s is, she has the power to directly say what she wants in response to Gregory’s “A Father’s Legacy to His Daughters.” Taking her own voice, and not that of a narrator, Wollstonecraft rebukes Gregory’s advice that women should “be even cautious in displaying good sense” (Gregory 221).Volume 1, Chapter 1 Volume 1, Chapter 2 Volume 1, Chapter 3 Volume 1, Chapter 4 Volume 1, Chapter 5 Volume 1, Chapter 6 Volume 1, Chapter 7 Volume 1, Chapter 8 Volume 1, Chapter 9 Volume 1, Chapter 10 Volume 1, Chapter 11 Volume 1, Chapter 12 Volume 1, Chapter 13 Volume 1, Chapter 14 Volume 1, Chapter 15 Volume 2, Chapter 1 Volume 2, Chapter 2 Volume 2, Chapter 3 Volume 2, Chapter 4 Volume 2, Chapter 5 Volume 2, Chapter 6 Volume 2, Chapter 7 Volume 2, Chapter 8 Volume 2, Chapter 9 Volume 2, Chapter 10 Volume 2, Chapter 11 Volume 2, Chapter 12 Volume 2, Chapter 13 Volume 2, Chapter 14 Volume 2, Chapter 15 Volume 2, Chapter 16 All Characters Catherine Morland Narrator Isabella Thorpe John Thorpe James Morland Henry Tilney (Mr. Tilney) General Tilney Eleanor Tilney (Miss Tilney) Mrs. Catherine “was fond of all boys’ plays, and greatly preferred cricket to the more heroic enjoyments of infancy, nursing a dormouse, feeding a canary-bird, or watering a rose-bush” (Austen 5).The hyperawareness the novel has of itself here in mocking common gothic literary conventions emphasizes the point that Catherine is not the typical heroine and that Austen rejects female conformity.


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