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Web based technology tools can be a great tool to help facilitate student engagement.

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Edmodo even gives kids means to interact with their instructors and to seek advice on assignments and in classroom lessons.

Strategizing and Collaborating, Planning, Forming Opinions Based on Information and Defending Them With Data. However, Google Docs and other related tools provided by Google are excellent for for students when it comes to sharing information and collaborating with one another.

Whooo’s reading is an online reading program that teachers can implement to encourage students to read.

The program provides students with coins as rewards for meeting reading goals that can be used to customize their avatar.

Students playing Civilization V must take the human civilization from the time that man first walked the earth to future times.

This includes solving social justice problems, discovering and using new technologies, and interacting with important historical figures.Spent is an online game that plays a bit like a text based, choose your own adventure game from the eighties or nineties.The hook is that students playing the game play the role of somebody who is unemployed and homeless who must find a new job and get their lives back on track.These include, the phases of the moon, various biological life cycles, food chains, photosynthesis, the various organ systems of the human body, and much more.Students are presented with incomplete flowcharts representing whatever topic they are exploring.Aug That provides educators with a series of AR enhanced lessons that can be used in the classroom to create a more engaging learning experience.Summarizing and Synthesizing Information, Analyzing and Drawing Conclusions One important part of developing critical thinking skills is learning to think with empathy and to consider the views, experiences, and perspectives of others before drawing conclusions.They are then required to drag and drop the missing elements of the flowchart to the right position.This helps students to learn about sequencing, cause and effect, and how multiple small elements make up a large process or phenomenon.By coming up with hints and answers, students can gain new insights.In addition to this, teachers can also use the puzzlemaker to create crossword puzzles that challenge students to employ higher level thought processes to interpret clues and solve those puzzles.


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