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An example of mathematical critical thinking is when students are required to explain how they arrived at a solution to a complex problem or to describe the ideas behind a formula or procedure. I can’t even begin to say how amazing Mathnasium is!!! Thank you for getting me through my math class without any judgement but 100% encouragement. Not only did he get an A in Math this past year, but he also increased his SAT score by 200 points so far!*Exerpt from an article by Elise Wile I can’t even begin to say how amazing Mathnasium is!!! Thank you for getting me through my math class without any judgement but 100% encouragement. We are so appreciative of the professional, attentive and organized support that the Wilmington location offered him.

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Critical thinking is a form of thinking that is disciplined, clear, rational, open-minded, and informed by evidence.

It is the mental process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information to reach an answer or conclusion.

He started in 6th grade and is currently finishing 8th grade.

We will continue with Mathnasium for as long as we can!

We’ve used Mathnasium when he was much younger and enjoyed the services so much it’s what made us return - but this location seems a step Ahead of others thanks to the leadership of the owner, and thoughtful team members.

We have been with Mathnasium for several years and I am still happy and satisfied with my son's math grades.Companies know this, as some businesses will hire math majors based on the presumption that students who are good at math have learned how to think.Math can also provide a vehicle through which critical-thinking skills are put into practice and refined. My son came to Mathnasium to support learning lost while stationed in Hawaii.The tutors are relatable and explain things clearly. She came out of the meeting much more confident and ready for the exam.We will definitely be back for more support as needed.Before my son started going to Mathnasium he would always get frustrated while doing homework and shut down. When he is there and he become frustrated the instructor in so quick to assist before the shut down moment occurs.As far as my daughter it was taking her several attempts to pass math but now she is making A's on test/quizzes. We’ve been with Mathnasium Wilmington since they opened in 2106. We are so appreciative of Cindy and her entire staff! The team at Mathnasium has given our daughter confidence when she is in her math classes at school.In this era, where there is simply so much information available online, it’s more important than ever to develop critical thinking skills early in life.How else can one be confident in their decisions and conclusions?Considering the content of this site – which promotes science, reason, rationality, and of course, critical thinking – and combined with my family’s ties to the education system, I was eager to review the Mentoring Minds’ Total Motivation Math and Reading resources when asked .Before engaging the resources specifically, and as any critical thinker would do, I jumped immediately to the “research” page, where a list of efficacy studies and product research was presented.


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