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Altogether, the average user of the Internet can protect themselves from cyber-crimes by being aware of what information is being put on the Internet and being aware that the information can be seen at any time by any person in the world.

There are departments of security in place for the more serious cyber-crimes and reports can be made to these departments of any cyber-attacks.

Cybercrime is any illicit activity that is performed on the Internet or any network-based device.

These crimes include identity theft, viruses, cyber stalking, and phishing.

When the file is running the code of the virus activates and proceeds to spread throughout computer files.

These viruses infect vital information and can lead to deletion or corruption of important system files.Cyber security is a priority with the growing use and ease of access of the Internet.If an internet user is not careful about the information given over to cyberspace, the user’s identity could easily be stolen or their finances drained.Cyber security is important not just to the government but also to the average user.To understand why cyber security is needed and important, an understanding of cybercrime is required.Often the victim will suffer from anxiety and fear. Phishing Phishing is a crime where electronic mail is sent to the victim that mimics banking institutions or other financial or personal information accounts. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.This paper will cover different cyber-crimes and information on what the average Internet user can do to protect themselves from falling victim to cyber-crimes.Keywords: Cyber Security, Cyber Crime The Internet is a place saturated with information and over the years, information has become more easily accessible than ever before.


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