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I possessed them, I liked solving cases and analyzing data so I would fit in this role perfectly.Since my coding skills were not great but affluent for this job and I would always want a job which requires interaction with the client instead of sitting in front of a PC all the time, coding.The first question was "Tell me something about yourself".

Then I was asked a guess estimation question which was again pretty simple.

Overall the interview was more of an HR interview rather than technical.

Pretty much a typical case with a slight technology/ Be extremely organized, and take careful notes (read: don't write EVERYTHING down).

Also, don't be afraid to be quiet during the interview.

Finally, some of us focused on familiar ground of technology aspects and were able to somehow satisfy her with our answer.(our topic was to look for a company to outsource a customer relation management center)Interview Experience The final interview is just to find out whether you will ditch the company or not.

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Just show them some talents, speak well and say you will not go for higher education and you will be in.Interview Experience The case study messed everyone in the room.No matter what we talked about the moderator said we weren't talking relevant.I would also love to solve problems on a large scale and see Fortune 500 companies implement my solutions.In the near future, I would wish to get promoted to a Consultant from BTA as soon as possible.I explained each and every step while building the algorithm.I think all he wanted to hear was the approach and I was not even asked to write any code.I told the main HR guy that I wanted to use the company to do a sponsored MBA. He didn’t say anything, but I know it did In the interview, I told him I was an artist but ended up drawing a shitty picture of the Mahatma so he thought I was a liar. Do NOT join the company if you think the compensation is less than you deserve. Hey Guys, I have an upcoming finance interview with Deloitte BTA Program. Second round was on-campus as well and multiple interviews with managers. I was asked how I would oversee the consolidation of a global affiliated network of brick and mortars under a single umbrella organization.Then I was asked about my internship and the role I played there.I interned at a start up as the Associate Product Architect, so I explained everything and what I had learnt there working in a team.


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