Developing Critical Thinking Through Science

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Parents who are reluctant to get into science experiments because they fear they will be unable to explain or understand results will find these books extremely useful.

The teacher is not expected to have any science background for these activities.

But who knows, that data may cause us to look at things in a new light. Revising conclusions based on new evidence In adopting student-centered learning, the feature scientific argumentation.

Can we agree that change based on new evidence may be useful in creating a healthier world?

8 Science-Based Strategies For Critical Thinking 1.

Challenge all assumptions And that means all assumptions.

This is, in part, because people are sometimes not aware of how science moves forward.

Interestingly, professional teaching journals point out that a common myth students bring to school is that science is already all discovered and carved in stone–a fixed collection of knowledge–rather than the simple approach to thinking and knowledge it actually represents.

But exploring controversy in science is the very method that scientists use to propel the field forward.

Otherwise, we would still be riding horses and using typewriters.


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