Discrimination Essay

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For example, her father Peneus in lines 687-689 states, “You owe it to me, child to provide me with a son-in-law and grandchildren! In line 670 Daphne states, “Let me remain a virgin, father most dear”.

Daphne respectfully declines her father wishes and explains to him that she would desires to remain a virgin.

The Ovid’s Metamorphoses’ character Lo is a perfect depiction of women in today’s society feelings and moral values being disregarded.

According to the dictionary, disregarded is defined as to pay no attention to or to leave out of consideration.

The treatment of the character Dido that Virgil portrayed are his thoughts towards women in the society he lived in.

He displayed women as unreliable and discredited their image of leading a group of people.However, women are still deemed inferior to men in past and present cultures.The inferiority of women has been portrayed through various avenues such as literature and written works.This displays her city being a mighty and powerful land that has a strong leader in place to keep the city intact.However, Virgil discredited Dido’s image by making her an unreliable leader when he made her character fall in love with Aeneas and neglected her responsibility.Lines 594 and 595 states, “So, driven by madness, beaten down by anguish, Dido was fixed on dying.A once honorable woman was quickly depicted as unreliable crazed individual.Jupiter sees a young lost nymph and wants to sleep with her however, she rejected him and ran but he seized and defiled her.This depicts to the reader that Lo’s feelings and moral values that she upheld were disregarded when it comes to a man’s sexual desires.The harsh reality still exist just has it has been in ancient history’s literature, women are shown as sexual tools for men and are dishonored because of men’s dominance.In Virgil’s Aeneid, Virgil’s character Dido is a perfect depiction of women in today’s society authority being discredited by men.


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