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Kleinberg also recommends arginine-based Basic Bites Soft Chews, which he helped develop. This may be due to changing hormones or just be a side effect of feeling nauseated.There are no real risks, apart from potentially spitting at your friends when you talk.“When we in the justice system perpetuate this myth without question, without evidence of the risk, without any fact-based analysis, we are feeding into this irrational anxiety,” noted Judge Felicia Daunt during sentencing of a 36 year-old woman following her guilty plea for impaired driving and assaulting a police officer (by spitting into the right into the eye of a female arresting officer).

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Laboratory studies have found that saliva may contain HIV, and transmission via saliva is therefore biologically plausible.

However, there is absolutely no epidemiological evidence to suggest that spitting on someone could expose them to enough HIV for infection to result.

(In severe cases, some women have to spit the excess saliva into cups.) Popping a piece of gum or hard candy may help you swallow all that extra spit. This condition can allow stomach acid to bubble up into your throat, producing that telltale icky flavor.

MORE: 7 Things Your Sense Of Smell (Or Lack Thereof) Says About You6. Apart from a sour taste in your mouth and throat, the most common symptom of reflux is heartburn. Inhaling and exhaling through your nose is the best way to keep your mouth happily hydrated.

Every day, your body produces roughly 50 ounces of saliva.

(E But you probably don't give your spit much thought, even though it plays a vital role in your health.

"It's perfectly safe to supplement your own natural lubrication with saliva," explains Patti Britton, Ph D, a clinical sexologist in California and author of The Art of Sex Coaching.

"In fact, spit is probably the world's oldest sex lube, something singles and couples have been using in a pinch since the beginning of time." The one exception: if either you or your guy has an active mouth infection, such as inflamed gums, a sore throat, or an oral herpes lesion.

“I want to be clear that I am in no way trivializing the well-being of police officers or minimizing the very real risks they face on a daily basis,” Daunt wrote in her nine-page decision.

“They have an extremely stressful job.” However, it’s an “urban myth” that police get serious injuries after being spat at and the intense anxiety that officers and their families feel about saliva is not justified, she said.


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