Elizabethan Poetry Essay

Wrote prose works too: the Elizabethans loved eloquence and their prose writing reflect this taste. In Marlow and Shakespeare there are satiric notes about it. He wasn't killed thoug, he spent 13 years in prison with his wife and son. This expedition bankrupted and Raleigh was executed.

18 – We can’t recognise whether he talks about woman or man, he did this on purpose. 30 – English sonnet, the imagery, he uses vocabulary based on metaphor of a court.

Had many things in common with Shakespeare’s poetry. They sought to probe into the origins of human feelings. , a simile, they should be shocking and uncommon, sometimes several verses.

Thomas Campion (1567-1620) was born in London and became a successful physician.

He was a lutenist and composed lyrics, such as Cherry Ripe, which he and others set to music.

Denounced as a heretic, he inadvertently avoided further action against him by being murdered in a tavern brawl.

While he is most famous as the first great English playwright ( (1554-1618) was born in Devon, educated at Oxford and studied law in London.Very dramatic poetry, some poems can be read as direct dramatisations of people’s intimate relationships. They were attracted by the achievements of philosophy and science. contemporary of Jonson and Dryden, criticised by them Studied university but didn’t get degree, loved theatre, women. ) had established English as a new language of literature and was a primary influence on poets of the Fifteenth Century.Quick-tempered and quarrelsome, he made many enemies and was imprisoned several times for misconduct.Arrested on false charges of treason, he was executed in 1547.The poetry he used in his plays to capture character, motivation, and drama is unique and represents one of the great achievements in human expression.He also took the sonnet form that had been brought from Italy by his Elizabethan predecessors and made it his own in a sequence of sonnets that has no equal. There were rumors about ” – his company of astronoms, traveller, dukes. In 1603 he was accused of conspiracy and sentenced to death.Themes: dying, friendship, politics – about society s. He is mentioned as one of the ornaments of Queen Elizabeths court, and was sent by her on missions to Holland and Denmark in the1580s. He was well esteemed as a poet by his contemporaries, but little of his poetry has survived. Born Kent, and educated at Oxford he was sent by Elizabeth I on diplomatic missions and was considered one of her favorites.He fell out of favor at one point but was subsequently appointed governor of Vlissingen in the Netherlands, taking part in an expedition aiding the Netherlands against Spain.


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