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That’s why I’ve written a list of the 10 best colleges for creative writers (i.e., the best programs), based on my own highly idiosyncratic metrics: accomplished professors, famous alumni, environments conducive to writing, bizarre course selections, and, best of all, any random facts that might add to the writerly collegiate experience. One of a handful of schools to offer a Creative Writing major, Emory was recently named America’s best college for aspiring writers by . Atlanta, Georgia, also home to Ludacris, the wordsmith responsible for such poetic firestorms as “Now tell me who’s your housekeeper / and what you keep in your house? Salman Rushdie joined Emory’s faculty in 2007, and in the same year the university also acquired his extensive archive, which includes the private journal he used to chronicle life under the fatwa. “Fictions of Human Desire,” for the Tinder generation; “Surviving America,” for the zombie apocalypse; “Nonhumans,” for aliens; “Criticism,” for critics.

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You will need to discuss this possibility with Program faculty in Spring 2019; students with a GPA below the required 3.5 must have the Creative Writing Program’s support to appeal for a GPA waiver to the College Honors Program.

Students who have the Program’s support must submit their petition materials to the College by a deadline in August that will be announced later this spring.

And hasn’t been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship yet? New Haven, Connecticut, formerly of crime-here-crime-there-crime-everywhere fame, now of restaurants-and-culture-and-90-minutes-from-New-York fame. Current professors include Harold Bloom, the foremost literary critic in the world; Louise Glück, the former U. poet laureate; Anne Fadiman, an accomplished writer in her own right but also the mentor of Marina Keegan, whose collection received widespread attention after her tragic death just days after graduation; and Fred Strebeigh, a damn good teacher.

Wait, you’re telling me he quoted Ludacris in a list about the best creative writing colleges?

Faculty availability in 2019-20 will affect how many students we accept into Honors.

The process of selection, always competitive, will be especially so this year.(Also, my background: I'm 23/F/3.93 GPA and on the dean's list; I was an editor at two student publications; I've been published by an academic journal. I come across as serious about writing, which I'm sure is helpful.) Thank you!HONORS APPLICATION DEADLINE: 4 p.m., Wednesday, April 3, 2019 If you will graduate in May 2020 or December 2020, and wish to apply for the Honors Program in Creative Writing for the 2019-20 academic year, please read the following guidelines carefully.Examples of past applications of students accepted into the Honors Program may be viewed in the Creative Writing Program office, N209 Callaway.You may also look at past Honors theses in the Creative Writing office; bound theses also are housed in the Woodruff Library.All Creative Writing majors who wish to do Honors must apply to do so.The deadline for Honors applications for next year is 4 p.m., Wednesday, April 3, 2019.Students who are graduating in December 2020 and wish to do Honors in Spring 2020 and Fall 2020 should also apply by the Spring 2019 deadline of 4 p.m., Wednesday, April 3, 2019.All applications must include the following: Submit this material in hardcopy to Paula Vitaris in the Creative Writing Program office, N209 Callaway Building, by the 4 p.m., April 3, 2019 deadline. If you are away from campus (study abroad, leave of absence, etc.) during Spring 2019, you may submit your application via email to Paula Vitaris at [email protected] the April 3, 2019 deadline. If you propose a project in a genre of writing in which you have already taken workshops, and in which your writing sample demonstrates real proficiency, you increase your chances of acceptance into the Honors Program. Content Header .feed_item_answer_user.js-wf-loaded . While the majority of our readers are likely beyond college age, it’s still fun to wistfully remember your experimental undergraduate years—or whatever they were. Princeton’s campus is largely neo-Gothic, and its historic center, Nassau Street, is a major thoroughfare in town.


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