Envision Math Homework Book 5th Grade

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It's a really good resource for teachers, so if you haven't had a resource in 2 years you will love the TE! It's quite a step up from our current math book that is for sure! Search online and you can probably get good info for that book. Envision seems to have a lot more problem solving than what we are currently using. I am not thrilled with the large consumable student edition.

It is very large and I am concerned about desk space.

Those are some big names out there in the math education world. It is oversized so when you tear out the page and fold it, you actually have 4 pages for the student. I saw a presentation on this product and really liked what I saw!

Supposedly the gummed pages are supposed to be easier to tear out?

Also, although it is gummed for easy removal it is only easy if you use the book in order. Bassett Lover...looked at a sample pack of En Vision and I didn't see a consumable student book.

If you skip around like our curriculum does the pages tear out. The book they showed us was a large hard bound book with a beaver on the front... I looked online like someone suggested and the website said the book cost 57.00.And though I can't respond with any real authority, I know that en Vision is very well researched. I think it is so interesting how different your views are compared to my district. From what I saw, the consumable is only for 1st and 2nd grade.Our district math curriculum person really hopes we go w/that one. Scott Foresman was one of the last publishers picked by us. There weren't enough example problem to help students at home. I guess your decisions have to be based on the needs of your students in your district. FYI, if you search from Yahoo for en Vision, you can look at the whole student text (granted it's the Texas version, but it still seems like it might be useful).It would be very hard for a 2nd grader to do and impossible for a 1st grader! We took a look at Mc Millian and did not like it at all. Since we adopted SF Math, I have the opportunity to attend a day long meeting about en Vision Math. I love Scott Foresman Math, but I wish we could switch to en Vision. Our school is looking at it, and actually it is our top choice, but our school board hasn't approved it yet. I didn't see any other book and I doubt that is the one you're talking about.I must confess I haven/t really looked at Mac Millian. It has a strong visual learning component which includes Stuart Murphy books. It has a lot of problem solving, and like someone said earlier, it has great ideas for differentiation. I could see en Vision working well with a Guided Math model. I am curious to know if this is a part they didn't show us and I didn't see. We also will most likely be using the book out of order. It is backed by the research of Skip Fennell (NCTM president), Randy Charles, John Van De Walle, and others.The books for 3rd-5th are normal hardbound books, so that's not an issue for me.Actually, for our district the technology components that Macmillian is offering vs. We had our technology people go through it piece by piece and though they name things differently they both have the visual learning, the online tutoring, etc.Investigations is all about the abstract and en Vision is concrete to abstract, lots of guided practice, independent practice, assessments at the beginning and end of units, timed tests, technology options, intervention options, literacy connections, and more. We choose and actually got our way with using the Envision program. Our District will be using envision math starting this year. All the folders are the perfect size to store in a file cabinet drawer. I always copy Reteaching/Practice on one page so parents have something to look at to help them.My grade level and I just attended the introductory workshop about the components Envision. The blackline masters are also available online if you loose a copy and need to replace it. Be careful because some of them have worksheets that go along with them and others the kids just complete in their math notebooks.) 6. I also copy several copies of the Enrichment page so that I can give it to my high kids.I teach kindergarten and we are required to do our math in minilessons and then backed by stations. The workshop leader says that you have to teach parts 2 and 3 together which, is about 45 minutes long. Is anybody else doing minilessons while using Envision? Our district also purchased the option where the students will also be able to access their text book via the web in the event they leave their book at school. A lot of times I assign them just a couple of problems from the Practice (because they are more similar to the OAT) and then tell them to complete the Enrichment. Once all students have their homework, I meet with a small group of students who did not do well on the day befores Checkpoint. If students finish with their homework and they are not meeting with me, I let them pick up the center that goes with that lesson and work on that until I am finished.You can also post the assignments and the students can obtain the assignments via the web. Go over POD, DSR and select problems from homework that you think the kids had a hard time with. I copy both levels of Centers and just tell my kids which one they need to pick up.


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