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But teachers everywhere know how disheartening that small act can be. ) There are the eye rolls and the whispering to each other of “What did you get? I don’t grade everything they write, but when it comes to the “big essays”—the graded, polished drafts—what grade they will receive becomes the sole motivator for their writing.

” and “She gave me a ___.” Next thing you know, the paper you spent so long reading and marking has been shoved into the abyss of the backpack or tossed carelessly in the recycle bin. I honestly got to a point where I would just wait so long to give things back, the kids would kind of forget, and then so would I. This frustrates me, and, in my opinion, distracts them from what they should actually care about: writing.

If this means they have to do it a couple of times, then so be it.

Depending on the assignment, these are the usual requirements: Stick around.

These meetings don’t have to be more than a couple of minutes per student. Revision I always offer students the opportunity to rewrite their essay.

Above all else, my goal is to help students become better writers.I do my conferences on a large whiteboard-painted table; I have found that since moving these from my desk to this table, our conferences are more productive.I’m not distracted by the stuff on my desk, kids are able to spread out (Chromebook, reflection, essay, etc.), and as a bonus, we can use the surface of the table when we need to do some planning.This intense focus on the all-important grade was my least favorite part, and it was definitely what kept the stack sitting on the counter behind my desk…for an embarrassing amount of time. After dealing with this for about nine years, I couldn’t take it anymore. Since I’m not usually one to give up, I set out to find a way to get my students to actually read their feedback and care less about the grade.It really bothered me that kids didn’t care about the feedback I put on their essays, not just because I took the time to do it, but because I did it to them. The solution was remarkably easy and accidentally originated out of my laziness (score one for being a little lazy! Last year, kids had turned in essays on Google Classroom, but rather than pasting a completed rubric into their essay as I usually did, I made hard copies of the rubric and wrote on them.Our prototype consists of a user-friendly web interface to easily visualize feedback based on a combination of text color highlighting and suggestions of improvement.This research was partially supported by the README project “Interactive and Innovative application for evaluating the readability of texts in Romanian Language and for improving users’ writing styles”, contract no.I want them to grow as writers, and most of them do throughout the year, but so many only seem to care about that number. Not only did I feel like I had wasted my time, I felt like they just didn’t care. This meant that I could return papers with comments but without grades.And then the snowball of thoughts would start: How will they survive if they don’t care about feedback? And from this a whole new system was born: Return papers to students with only feedback.114/, My SMIS 2014 code 119286, as well as the FP7 2008-212578 LTf LL project.I have a confession to make: I am terrible at handing back papers. I mean, you literally just hand the paper to the kid whose name is at the top.


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