Essay About Christmas Day Celebration

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9) Candlemas which is presentation of Jesus at the temple marks the end of 40 days of Christmas celebrations on 02 Below we are providing the fourth set of 10 lines on Christmas for the young ones to use during school’s Christmas celebrations.

The lines are short and extremely easy to memorize by the children of class 1.

7) 24 December which is the Christmas Eve, has many customs and traditions and people go to Midnight Mass Church Service on the occasion.

8) The evergreen Fir tree is used as Christmas tree and is decorated with ornaments, tinsels, gifts etc on the occasion.

8) Children enjoy the festivity of the season by wearing Christmas caps and costumes and by sharing gifts with their friends.

9) Christmas is the day when people remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ who came to protect them from their sins and sorrows.

4) Many people use idols to depict the nativity of Jesus Christ in their homes or offices to celebrate the festival.

5) The celebration of Christmas in the Holy Vatican City is very mesmerizing and tranquil when the complete city bathes with sparkling decoration with one of the world’s tallest Christmas tree.

You can also use both the sets in preparing a speech during family get together on Christmas.

Please go through the below points and enhance your writing: December every year to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.


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