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This is a campaign of extermination aimed against an ancient ethnic group that wants only to keep its own language and customs in sarbasti - freedom.

This is a campaign of extermination aimed against an ancient ethnic group that wants only to keep its own language and customs in sarbasti - freedom.A classic example of genocide is under way, and the world does not give a damn.This is a digitized version of an article from The Times’s print archive, before the start of online publication in 1996.

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For television, inaccessibility is no excuse for ignoring the news; the ability of color cameras to bring home the horror of large-scale atrocities imposes a special responsibility on that medium to stake out murder scenes or get firsthand accounts from refugees. Bush might offer a little homily on evenhandedness.

What about the two candidates for leader of the free world? Dukakis would propose mailing a stern postcard to the U. We could stop the killing by (a) demanding a Security Council investigation and linkage of human rights to the Geneva peacemaking, (b) bringing Kurdish refugees to the U. for testimony, (c) encouraging wider Turkish aid and (d) leaning on Iraq by threatening an early pullout of Persian Gulf ships.

However, Saddam is still active, and with several million Kurds at his mercy, he may yet pass Pol Pot in megamurders.

The Iraqi dictator evidently sees a cease-fire as a time for getting even.

With his forces freed by the ceasefire, Saddam Hussein smashed the Kurds - possibly with mustard gas, which he has reintroduced in modern warfare.

Ninety thousand Kurdish refugees are now huddled in tent cities along the Turkish border, with another 40,000 cut off from escape.

The Kurds, though split into factions and aware they were being used as pawns, saw the Iran-Iraq war as a chance to establish a kind of autonomy if not independence. Let us marvel at the reaction: United Nations peacemakers in Geneva are concerned only with the interests of member nations, not with the lives of the Kurdish people or with the proliferation of poison gas. The United States, in its Reagan-era assertiveness, did manage to issue one small cluck.

The State Department spokesperson has said that if the reports of mass exodus of refugees are true, then what is going on would be ''a grave violation of international human rights.'' How's that for taking action to stop slaughter of innocents?

So, it would seem that a group of prisoners met in Bucca and began developing political ideology and strategy; and this was the beginnings of the organization known today as ISIS.

Over time, ISIS has emerged as one of the most powerful forces active in Iraq, with a quite large portion of Iraq—approximately a third, going by the relevant political maps—under its control.


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