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Any time you set out to write a program you’re creating something new, much like when you were playing Lego as a child.

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As a remote employee, you can choose to work for a richer country and take advantage of the economic benefits of doing so.

Of course, this depends a lot on the options available to you.

Maybe you like walking the dog at AM, and in some places, that’s totally allowed to pick your own hours, as long as you perform the job you’re expected to do.

Software development is one of the jobs that - depending on your responsibilities and how good you are at your job - generally comes with a good pay.

Valuable experience for your company, other companies if you decide to switch jobs, or even for yourself if you want to try going indie.

Being required to learn every day can either be frustrating, or very exciting. I don’t know a single developer that’s good and without a job or something to do. You might not find a job for a top or famous company, but local companies are desperate to find talent. You can move to the Silicon Valley and join a top company, get a very high salary and spend the days with smart people building the next big thing.Every time you write a new program, you learn something new.It’s never boring (unless your job is boring in the first place, but the craft of programming in itself should not be boring - otherwise you always have the option to look for a non-boring job) Even if one might spend 10 hours a day sitting alone with a computer, saying programming is social is perfectly right.You have stakeholders, people are waiting for your fixes.Programmers like to go to conferences, the bravest even speak at them, and we like to rant, comment or share things on Twitter.I’m assuming you are willing to choose this career in order to make a living, and not just for your own enjoyment.Enjoying the career is another topic, and one that must be carefully evaluated.Say you work 10 years for a company and one day you “go crazy” and decide to leave your job because it does not satisfy you anymore. Most professions require someone to hire you, but software development has this nice thing called indie development, where you basically go on your own, build something, and sell it to the world.It can be a SAAS (Software as a Service - aka Web App), a mobile app a desktop app, even an ebook on the subject you’re the most expert about.If you choose to be a freelancer, that’s another field where companies are willing to spend good money on talent.You will likely be paid average in your first few jobs, however.


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