Essay Classical Arrangement

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Moreover, only competence people are hiring for jobs based on their competence and technical qualifications.(Mullins 2007) Human relation approach was emphasis on structure and the formal oraganisation, but the social factors at work and behaviour of workers within an organisation need to pay greater attention.Bureaucracy is the name of an organisation used by organisation design professionals.

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(Abhijith 2011) Besides, system of written rules and standard operating procedures are prescribed to provide certainty and facilitate coordination.

Impersonal relationship is maintained between the managers and employees.

The key concept of scientific management includes time and motion studies, standardization of management, functional foremanship and differential piece rate system.

(francis 1908) According to Sharon Jones (1997) also stated that scientific management is relied on increased mechanism to be subdivided into highly specilised and routine task which mean need to select the right people for the right job with his abilities, so the best method of doing a job can be achieved and resulting in increasing production line.

In order to achieve the aim and objective of a project in an organisation, the best way to determine an effective organisation is to apply a suitable management approaches.

Essay Classical Arrangement

This report is to describe and outline the major trends in management approaches which people are always implementing in their project organisation.(Wan 2012) Attention shall be taken from the organisation structure, job satisfaction, communication, motivation and leadership styles.The characteristic about a system is the element from which it is built up.(Mullins 2007) This approach also worked on self-confidence of their workforce.(Patterson 1958) Besides, it also means people go to work to gain recognition, appreciation and not just simply for financial gains. Mullins (2005), the neo-human relations are focus on the personal adjustment of individuals within the structure of the organization and effects of group relationships and leadership styles.Besides, Taylor also insisted that the manner of change in management could be determined by scientific study.(Abhijith 2011)Taylor believed that the management could be formulated as an academic discipline and the best results could come from the partnership between qualified management and a trained.The four different major types of management approaches will discuss in the following.Classical approach is mainly concentrate of the workers and organisations based on management practices, which were on outcome of careful observation.Classical approach mainly looks for economic efficiency with the universal principles of operation.(Abhijith 2011) In a management sense, classical approach is tried to develop and operate universal principles or models that will applied in all circumstances.


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