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After making this discovery, Montag fights against ignorance, trying to help others welcome knowledge into their lives.For example, when his wife's friends come over, he forces them to listen to poetry.Montag learns through the medics that reviving suicide attempts is a very common act.

Montag, in his belief that knowledge reigns, fights against a society that embraces and celebrates ignorance.

The fireman's responsibility is to burn books, and therefore destroy knowledge.

Upon realizing this, Montag begins to wonder what life truly is and why it feels so empty and dead.

Furthermore, the tool the medics use to pump Millie's stomach is referred to as the Electric-Eyed Snake, and the tool the firmen use to hunt down book owners is the Mechanical Hound, both inanimate objects that appear to have lives of their own.

If we become idle and complacent, we might as well be dead.

In the opening paragraph, the burning book pages are compared to birds trying to fly away.

Finally, in the Afterword to Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury clearly expresses his own sensitivity to attempts to restrict his writing.

For example, he feels censored by letters suggesting he should give stronger roles to women or black men.

Although they become extremely upset after listening to what he reads, they are able to experience true emotion.

In Montag's view, this emotion will give these women a fuller and more satisfying life.


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