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The reception of Gandhi’s ideas, his accomplishments, and his legacies are also examined in these essays.

Mahatma Gandhi was born on October 2, 1869 in Probander India. He is called Mahatma because Mahatma means "Great Soul" and was called this for his mind on the matter of Indian rights. I searched and searched but it is still unknown to me whether Gandhi had any brothers and sisters.

This philosophy of non-violence is known as Ahimsa.

Most noteworthy, Gandhiji’s aim was to seek independence without violence.

Furthermore, his efforts for Indian independence are unparalleled.

Most noteworthy, there would have been a significant delay in independence without him.Above all, he rid the society of these social evils.Hence, many oppressed people felt great relief because of his efforts.The main question that he raised was “How much should a person consume? This is because currently, India has a very high population.There has been the promotion of renewable energy and small-scale irrigation systems.Gandhi became a famous international figure because of these efforts.Furthermore, he became the topic of discussion in many international media outlets.The first years of Gandhi's marriage he and his wife had four children.Gandhi moved to England to study law and politics and started to work at a law firm soon realizing he could not succeed at this profession.Mahatma Gandhi made significant contributions to environmental sustainability.Most noteworthy, he said that each person should consume according to his needs. Furthermore, this model of sustainability by Gandhi holds huge relevance in current India.


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